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ATTENTION Artists and Graphic Designers!

We want to create some logos for Shayara t-shirts. Fan-requested: Tyka's coffeehouse, Need (the fetish club) (a security/bouncer shirt), logos for all seven Great Houses, and I know I'm forgetting stuff; I'll look for it after breakfast and edit it in. (We already have a rudimentary logo for the Kirayth.)

Now, I am not gifted in the logo-design department. Mouse can do it, but she's busy with character portraits, the map, et cetera, and this is a lower priority.

So! Delegation/outsourcing masquerading as a contest!

Design logos for us.

Winning design (selected by LJ poll, with Mouse and I having heavier-weighted votes) gets a free t-shirt with their design on it.

Sound like fun? Design away! I'll try to be quick on the draw answering any questions you may have. Deadline... how about August 1? That should give people plenty of time.

Thank you. :)

EDIT: We haven't decided on colors for Tyka's Coffeehouse shirts - maybe a chocolate-brown or cafe-latte-beige? The Need shirt should be white ink on a dark background. The House shirts will be in their House colors, so ink colors should be complementary. Colors and random stuff:

Tamra: dark green (see felician_logic's logo below) (the house of the Lishaya - flowing, fire. Empathy + healing. Julia, Katrianna, Tessa, Alanna, Jessamyn, partly Capri)
L'Arath: purple (maybe something Art Nouveau? Telepathy. Jeramie, Brendan, Annie Farrell)
Ziroth: black (austere and old-fashioned; sigil magic. alchemical symbols? Kristian, Melina)
Lhri'nahr: grey (flowing, winglike, elemental. Ryan, partly Lyric)
Bartomn: dark blue (strength - House Bartomn is the shield of the Lishaya. Halloran, partly Fenris, partly Capri)
Narsan: dark red (speak to the dead, the Dasaroi between lives; Kieran likes trickster motifs, especially fox. Kieran, Victor, Marcus)
Tarak: brown (keepers of the Library, of memory. Donna.)
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