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Picture(s) of the Day

More from Butterfly World!

That one was huge.

Another stealth butterfly.

The whole gallery is here. felisdemens wrote up her Lorikeet Trauma here.

I didn't get any nectar. This didn't dissuade one intrepid `keet, who developed an unwholesome interest in my tits. He was VERY VERY FOCUSED on climbing into my cleavage and eating my bra, but he also wanted to lick me.

Parrot tongues are fucking weird, dry and leathery, but fruit-eaters like lorikeets have fur on their tongues as well. GAAAAH. And he sat on my arm licking me for several minutes while I had the heebie jeebies.

She's not kidding. This lorikeet was actually repeatedly attempting to unbutton her shirt. It was kinda creepy.

I bought two cups of nectar and fed the lorikeets, mostly to overcome my revulsion to brightly-colored birds. I was bitten at Parrot Jungle when I was eight. Very traumatic. The lorikeets were nifty, though, and so accustomed to people; I wish I had a picture of my lorikeet-bedecked arms.
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