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We r serious creators. This r serious comic.

Had planning phone call with Mouse tonight, yay. :)

The website will be armed and fully operational by the time she leaves Boston.
* She hasta draw the map.
* I hafta provide her with exactly where I want you to be able to click, and what info I'm going to give you when you click there. I must get my text on.
* We must build the forum. Looks like it may be phbBB for simplicity's sake.

Marketing & merch talk!
* There will be... not trading cards, but tradeable cards. You'll see.
* Bookmarks and postcards!
* There will be a bit of delegation disguised as a contest. :)

Art talk!
* Some characters are getting utterly redrawn - characters we never totally got a handle on first time around (adult Alanna, Telenias, Kristian, Kieran, Katrianna, et cetera).
* Some are just getting the new-Mouse-art-style update (Fenris, Capri and Halloran, Donna, Jonathan, et cetera).

Forward motion is exciting. :)

I will talk about that contest thing tomorrow morning, when more people are reading...
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