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Picture(s) of the Day

Yarr! Gimme cookie!

What you cannot see here is that I, leg immobilized by my splint, was repeatedly hurling myself against the table to try to reach the barely-out-of-reach cookie sheet, as if I could reshape the table by will alone, and was attempting, when at rest, to employ Jedi mind tricks to levitate the cookie over to me.

I do not have l33t J3d1 p0w3rz. I do, however, have a very patient and helpful husband.

This was supposed to be an "I made you a cookie, but I eated it" picture. Jack, however, wanted to be involved, and he got me giggling. So here's dishevelled hair-air-drying, no-makeup 'song, giggling over a half-eaten cookie with her cat.

Y'all read me why again?

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