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Happy birthday to wytchchyld!

Hello to new reader kitteredge!

I think the night splint does help. I was able to walk around/stand around on Saturday a lot more than I'd anticipated. Yay! Like I said, I was also good about commandeering chairs when I needed to, and that helped.

I'm seeing the neuro today; it's pretty much a "yep, still not having seizures!" and "gimme refills" thing. I am of interest, you see, because Lyrica's only approved for adjunct therapy, but it's controlling my seizures as monotherapy. With the info my rheumatologist gave me, I'm thinkin' it works because the fibromyalgia amplifies the effectiveness. I will toss that theory out there and see what my neuro thinks.

This week = just what I needed. A wondeful party, followed by a day of total downtime, followed by a week of my husband being on vacation - chill-out couple time. *hearts* And then a con. The first con we've done kidless in a while. Which makes me sad, a bit, because I miss Elayna - but ReaderCon's not for her. They don't allow kids under 15 to attend panels unsupervised, and she's not into everything we're into, and a bored preteen is... yeah. She'll be having fun at summer camp. Is okay.

Not really faceblind...
...but I'm definitely face-impaired. If you don't have anything very visually distinctive about you (example: sunspiral's vivid purple streak), it may take me a time or two to recognize you. So if I saw you at the party and didn't say hi, it was either because I couldn't manage to get over to you through the madding crowd (hi, fubar!), or because I wasn't sure I knew you. Should've said that before the party! Ah well. Airline fuckery messed with my brainmeats. Anyway, next time you see me, say hi! I don't bite. Unless you ask nicely. I *do* hug with wild abandon.

Link Soup
* Do you like Gaia Consort? Pagany folky music that doesn't sound like stage three at the RenFaire? solcita on viola? Good stuff, seriously; I have high standards for music of this nature. They have a new CD coming out. You should have a listen. And for $25 and up, you can help defray production costs (and get an advance copy!) by adopting a song.

* Spacediving! Hip new trend, or batshit crazy? (Says the girl who jumped out of a perfectly good airplane to raise money for RAINN, yeah, I know, but spacediving.

* Nifty videos.

* Web Spinning Stigmata Jesus Spider-Man? These are the sorts of things that only happen to murnkay.

* *squee* Baby pygmy hippo!

* Toypography - The Dainippon Type Organization has created a neat wooden block toy for mini Mienigers, diddy Didots and baby Baskervilles. Called Toypography the english word can be reformed to Japanese expressions of the same meaning.

* Gorgeous handmade books!

* The Virtual Typewriter Museum - featuring the Hansen writing ball. Oh, I so want one.

Daily Science
Using pulses of high-intensity sound, two Brown University physicists have succeeded in making a movie showing the motion of a single electron. Humphrey Maris, a physics professor at Brown University, and Wei Guo, a Brown doctoral student, were able to film the electron as it moved through a container of superfluid helium.

Daily BPAL

Chesed: Loving Kindness, the Benevolence of God, and the source of the 72 Bridges of Mercy.</i>

In bottle: A very light cedar.

On me: Light, sweet cedar. Is there fruit in here? If so, it's very delicate.

Kether: The Supreme Crown, the Primordial Ether, the Source of All, the Origin of Will that radiates 620 pillars of light.

In bottle: Something chokingly thick and sweet. Syrupy.

On me: Almond syrup. Not as offensive as almond usually is on me, though.

Yesod: Foundation, The Living God, Eternal Life, the Source of the Living Waters

In bottle: Florals.

On me: Very light. Barely sniffable. A garden overrun with wildflowers.

Netzach: Victory, Eternity, Endurance, God's Grace.

In bottle: Chemical rose.

On me: Yep. That's rose, all right.

This Week
Today: Neuro appointment; errands with Adam
Tomorrow: Phone appointment with BARCC; Diesel (with Adam!)
Wednesday: Hanging out with wispfox - precise plans undetermined.
Thursday-Sunday: ReaderCon!

And next week, m0usegrrl comes to visit for a week of jamming on Shayara!

July rocks.
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