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Sunday BPAL review

I went a little crazy when I saw that the Sephiroth scents were being discontinued - I ordered an imp pack, then realized that they'd be discontinued before the imp pack got here, so I read forum reviews and bought Binah (which I already knew I loved), Hod, Malkuth, Chokmah, Geburah, and Tiphareth unsniffed. *facepalm*

So yes. Sunday BPAL reviews partly because I missed doing BPAL reviews while I was in FL, and partly because I'm reopening my swap/sale page and want to list things that don't work on me!

HOD: Glory and Majesty, Kokab, God’s Judgement.

In bottle: Very sweet, and a little bit floral.

On me: Goes baby-powdery on me. Floral Grandma powder. :(

MALKUTH: The Kingdom, Olam Yesodoth, Shekhinah, God’s Presence in the World, the Throne of Glory.

In bottle: Foody! Spicyberry.

On me: Very cinnamon! Me: "People were picking up stuff like strawberry and blackberry on this - on me it's nothing but cinnamon." Adam: "Good!" Me: "I like berries!" Adam: "Yeah, but I like cinnamon." This smells quite like the cinnamon brooms I buy in the autumn...

CHOKMAH: The Primordial Point of Creation, Mazloth, Being Out of Nothingness, the Origin of Thought and the source of the 32 Ways of Wisdom.

In bottle: Dark, slightly incensey.

On me: Root beer!

GEBURAH: Din, Madim, the Heavenly Court, the Consuming Fire, Divine Wrath, the Force that Contains the Seeds of Sitra Ahra.

In bottle: Ooooh, leather!

On me: Oooh, leather! Hm. This is not unlike Geek!

TIPHARETH: Divine Beauty, Shemesh, Unity, the Balance of Justice and Mercy.

In bottle: Very faint and clear.

On me: Very faint and clear. :( Kinda soapy. *reads forums* That's not what it's supposed to smell like. Forums say dark, smoky, resinous. *rips open imp pack* Yep. Imp smells as expected. Bottle is completely different!
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