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Rabbit rabbit!

I hereby declare that everyone who reads this will have good luck for the month. :)

*stretch* *yawn* I just woke up. Is how much yesterday's party wore me out. (Sorry to those of you I didn't get to hug goodbye - my ride was loading hs sleepy kid into the car as I was dashing up for my backpack, so I really had no time!) It was great, though. :) Thank you so much, sunspiral!

Today... Alanya and Kires are supposed to show up sometime. Other than that, Adam and I will pretty much just be doing house-stuff. Which is good, as house-stuff needs to be done.

And, to start July off right - Adam has the whole week off! Yay! So. More house-stuff, and also fun-stuff, and he will be coming to Diesel with me on Tuesday, and we can go to the movies... yay. :)

EDIT: Oh, and - best quote of the party - anotherjen hadn't seen me in some time. As in, she hadn't seen me since I was far too thin. So she kept peering over at me, thinking I looked familiar; when I came over, she confessed, "I was thinking you look just like Shadesong, but with boobs! And hips!"


Yes, I am no longer, by her description, "gaunt"; the Rack of Doom has returned, and with it, the big Jewish butt. But... wow. I knew my face had changed, too, as I put on weight - no more knifeblade cheekbones and hollow cheeks - but I didn't realize that I bordered on unrecognizable. Not that it's a bad thing, considering how frightening 85 pounds was. This is much better. I got a lot of compliments yesterday. *basks*

And dude. I wore color. no longer wear blue jeans and black t-shirts as a uniform; yesterday I wore a Tamrani-green tee and a light blue skirt with vines in greens and yellows sprawled across it.

I could write about yesterday forever, but it would kill my hands, and I need coffee and breakfast. Um. I got to see lots of people I rarely get to see (*waves to New Yorkers*), met shiny new people, drummed till my hands and arms got gimpy (then still drummed, just less vigorously), met bridgetminerva's babies, saw the firespinning... and more... yeah, it was an excellent party, and I am a happy 'song. :)

ALSO EDIT: I was uncharacteristically good about sitting down and resting when I needed to. I would like a gold star for that. It's *hard* for me to sit still, particularly when there's so much to do, so many people to hug!
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