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Lazy Saturday Morning

Woke up in my own bed. :) Having had a good night's sleep. Fabulous husband made me cinnamon rolls and lots of coffee. Have been swanning about in lacy lingerie, reading comics and tidying.

*happy sigh*

So good to be home.

Had a big pile of mail to go through. Said mail included a thing from Readercon (this Thursday! So excited!), a package from Wearable Sculpture (dude, such fabulous shinies! must take pictures!), two packages from BPAL (lots of Sephiroth, and lots of frimps!), one package from Gaiam (compression gloves! + t-shirt and a few other things), and my shiny shiny cherry red Docs (thank you for the gift certificate, morenasangre!)! $WINTERHOLIDAY in June, y0.

And of course all of Elayna's magazines just came in. *sigh* Care package #2!

My happy is tinged with melancholy, because Elayna isn't here.


Must start baking soon. Must see if I can talk fabulous husband into helping so I can make the chocolate bourbon cake. (It requires stovetop fire stuff. Is why I need help.)

I don't think I can swim with freshly-dyed hair. Isn't that bad for it? Anyone know one way or another?
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