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So yeah.

Flying home tomorrow via AirTran. Anyone feel like picking me up around 3?


Y'know, if the pigfuckers would admit there was an issue, we wouldn't be quite as pissed off. But look. It's a three-plus hour flight to/from Boston. They should not be saying at 6 PM that the plane will be departing FLL at 8 PM when you know full well that that is contrary to all laws of physics, seeing as the plane has not yet left BOS.

Delta does not have Sekrit Tesseract Powerz.

So, y'know, just fuckin' tell us there's an issue. And don't lie to us when we ask what the issue is. And don't issue meal vouchers in apology after all of the restaurants in the terminal have closed. For fuck's sake.

Got my bag back. Got Dad a refund.

Am "home" now, watching Star Wars with Dad, pointing to pilots and saying "He's gonna die. Him too. That dude? Totally gonna die." "No watch. She's gonna say 'Luke!', and he's gonna say -" I pause to let Mark Hamill say "Carrie!", and continue: "You hear that? He said 'Carrie'."

I have interesting ways of taking out my aggression. Providing unwelcome movie commentary - just one of the services I provide.
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