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So my plane? Is still on the ground in Boston.

So it'll be at least 3 and a half hours before I even take off.

This is why I fucking hate travelling.

EDIT: 8 PM, and my plane is *still* on the ground in Boston.

There are no open Delta flights tomorrow. There's one Saturday, but I only packed one extra day's worth of medication, not two.

Parents are going to call around and see about getting me on a different airline.

Shutting the computer down to save power. More later, I'm sure.

EDIT: 8:27, and I have scored a seat next to a power outlet. That is where my good luck runs out - it's now looking like my plane won't be taking off til 1 AM. Won't be landing til 4 fucking AM.

4. Fucking. AM.

Mom's calling around to try to get me on a different airline, on a flight for tomorrow. Because I cannot do this. My body cannot do this.

ETA#2: (This is yendi posting, btw, since 'song's at a baggage claim). 'song will be flying home tomorrow on Airtran, and thus will be able to get something resembling a normal night's sleep.
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