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I can has highlights.

Bits of gold on top, streaks of red winding through underneath, so I can look normal for a parent-teacher conference and mildly wacky for hanging out with friends. :) The blonde is a little bit "hey! blonde!" for me, but I can always slap some red on it if I don't grow into it. Elayna loves it just the way it is. :)

As soon as my laundry's dry, I'll be packed and ready to get the hell out of here, get back to my life. (Please, gods, let the house not be a horrible mess.)

*starts her inner countdown clock*

Incidentally, is anyone available to help get Kires from the airport tomorrow at 11 AM? I will go with you, so you know who you're looking for, and also to hang out with you. (Benefit of cadging rides from people = I get to spend time with them that I otherwise wouldn't get!) E-mail me. I am not getting LJ comment notifications. *sticks tongue out at LJ*

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