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Picture(s) of the Day

This is my parents' house. I have photographed it so you can see how eerily like a model house it is. It *really* does not look like anyone actually lives there.

In sharp contrast to my house, with its walls of books and its cluttered tables.


This is what I refer to as the Parlor. This is the room no one's allowed to enter. Seriously. If there are footprints in the vacuum tracks, Mom wigs out.

The living room. With its painfully coordinated pillows, purchased-in-a-lot Florida Art, and neat stacks of books that no one has ever read.

The always-spotless kitchen, with Corian counters... the sink is white Corian. So any bit of spill or spatter shows up. My mother must clean her sink several times a day to keep it pristine.

The never-used dining room with its ginormous marble table. I still maintain that this is the stone table they killed Aslan on, imported from Narnia.

My childhood room, with all signs of my childhood painted over. It's now Elayna's room every summer. It does not remain this tidy for long. Continuing issue: there is no bookcase. There's that stupid wicker thing that holds little figurines. But no bookcase. I see this as a problem. My parents do not. Next time I'm here, I'm getting a cheapass bookcase from Target and building it my damn self.

The backyard. They put the white fence up when I had Elayna, to make it harder for her to accidentally wander into the pool. This is the one part of the house that I like, the pool and yard and lake.
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