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Oi! Bostonians!

Anyone belong to Boston Sports Club? Anyone have an idea of how much membership might cost? I can't find any info beyond the $20 two-week-trial offer on their site, and the receptionist is cagey and evasive, telling me I'd have to come in. Well, I am out of state right now, I say. Well, I really can't quote prices, she says. Well, please put me through to someone who can, I say. Boop-de-boop, voicemail.

Voicemail = singularly unhelpful.

Basically, I've had enough doctors tell me that I really need to be swimming or doing water aerobics at this point. If every doctor agrees on something, I'll listen. And this is now the primary care doc, the neurologist, the rheumatologist, and the podiatrist. And all current research. So. I don't have access to a pool, I say. Get access, they say. So I need to make that happen.

I'll consider places that aren't BSC, of course. The bonus of BSC is that they have a pool and yoga and the machines I use at Curves and more; it'll likely be cheaper than somewhere-with-a-pool plus a yoga place plus Curves. And it's within safe driving distance (near the Arsenal Mall). Any other suggestions should likewise be in safe driving distance or easily T-accessible (not bus + train + bus, please).
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