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Tew's Day

Forgot my night splint last night. So. Ow. Oh well. *sigh* Will wear it this morning.

Today's Plans
* Going to Butterfly World with felisdemens
* Swimming
* Sleepover date with kires.

Link Soup
* It has been confirmed that Disney is getting ready to film a series of Muppet-centered interstitials (also being called "mini-movies") that are intended for airing on the Disney Channel. The films are being designed to introduce a new generation of fans to the Muppets characters and humor – while keeping the classic feeling and tone the Muppets are so well known for.

* Oooh, shiny. (Gods help us if I ever had the money and space to decorate according to my whims.

* The amazing catapult watch! (Ditto the above comment, substitute "wardrobe".)

* Clearly, however, I do need this book.

* Aw. Cheer up, emo crayons.

* Yeah. I do this.

* Air Guitar Pro. "This is just the upper neck of a guitar, and the strings are the infrared ray that makes the sound as your fingers hit the fretboard. The controller has seven buttons on the front to click for "G" to "A" and four buttons on the side to identify the chords as major, minor, augmented or diminished. It also includes ten songs for air guitar beginners."

* Portable bubble wrap toy. o.O "You may think that popping bubbles is boring, but the toy makes a sound effect every 100 pops, including “door chime”, “barking dog”, “fart”, and “sexy voice”. To add even more excitement to the craziness of Puchipuchi, there’s a 1:1000 chance that you’ll get a “puchi lucky” toy that has a heart-shaped bubble. Is there a better way to make your friends jealous?"

* Amazingly elegant phonograph-style CD player.

* Freakonomics interviews Atul Gawande, author of Complications the best medical book I read last year) and Better (currently at the top of my to-read pile at home; yay library!).

* Why did no one tell me that Adam Stemple has a blog? Well,he does. And he's posted a new song on it.

* Nick reviews Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. :)

* For Adam: "Many people say there's nothing like a cold beer on a hot day. But did you ever consider savoring a frozen beer? How about a frozen beer on a stick?"

* More shiny things!

* Oh, how I covet this...

Daily Science
F THE universe has weird extra-spatial dimensions in parallel to the 3D world we see around us, then billion-dollar particle accelerators may not be the only place to find them.

So say Gergely Gabor Barnaföldi and colleagues at the Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics in Budapest, Hungary, who propose that extra dimensions may show their face in areas of extreme gravity around dense stars. The concept could also solve a 25-year-old puzzle about the origin of mysterious particles emanating from a distant star system.
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