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*Just* got back, and am uploading pics now.

* Podiatrist agrees with everyone else: plantar fasciitis. So I have to do lots of stretches and massage before I get out of bed. Also, I have to wear night splints. There was a long discussion of what will happen to my feet if I do not keep this under control. In a word: Eep. Also, I'm getting orthotics.

* Scrapbook is being screwy and making me upload pics individually. Pfft.

* Elayna had a great first day of camp. :)

* Update from the House of Conspicuous Consumption: I have new clothes. Like, the size of my travel wardrobe just doubled. Also, The Pirate Movie and Hairspray on DVD.

* Was practically falling asleep at the podiatrist's office, and in the car on the way to Grandma's, so I got to nap at Grandma's. Still muzzy-headed from that. Going out to dinner with Grandma - matzoh ball soup at Katz's!

* Seeing Kires later tonight. :)

* Things with my parents... are interesting. I think Dad realized that this was something to big to be shoved back under the carpet. He's being... careful around me, and quieter than usual. Mom is pretty much glued to my side. Interesting. We'll see how this shakes out.

* Interesting how the little girl who didn't speak became the woman who wouldn't shut up.

* I don't know what tomorrow holds - they keep saying they have nothing planned, then coming up with errand-packed days. So. We'll see. Assume for now that I'm not reading LJ or nonessential e-mail. Tell me what's going on in your world.
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