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Still groggy from the Robaxin, which is affording me more sleep than just the Lunesta, thank goodness.
Saturday was a really bad day, fibro-wise; yesterday was slightly better. Am okay so far today.

First day of camp! She is very excited and very nervous; due to school schedule disparities, she's coming in at the beginning of Session II. She will be fine.

Miracle of miracles... my mom is actually talking about things. Haltingly, but I'll take what I can get.

Through Thursday as planned, mostly so I can hang out with kires and felisdemens, and hopefully enderfem and chemokitty again. Still have to pick up my yam pony, after all. (Yes, there are pictures!)

Breakfast, and then the dreaded trying on of clothes until my podiatrist appointment. After that, I think I get to come back here. Picture of the day will be posted then... I need to get the pictures off the camera and on the computer, and I have insufficient time.

I am so exhausted.
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