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Flash Fiction from 15,000 Feet #1: Ryan

Dear Lyric,

It is my honor to formally adopt you as a member of my House. Upon your arrival in Shayara, you will have apartments in the Aerie, and I will arrange for tutors to complete your education.

House adoption is uncommon. In most cases, your Kithrayn would assign you to a family of our House to raise. Tessa has explained your extraordinary circumstances to me, and in light of your special qualities, I have opted to adopt you as a full ward of your Kithrayn.

Please accept the enclosed as my first gift to you. I look forward to meeting you in person.

Ryan Grey
Kithrayn ni’Lhri’nahr

Tessa watched Lyric unfold the dresses – one in her own signature style, one full formal Court garb, both in the charcoal grey of her newly-official House. The girl was overwhelmed, hugging the fabric to her with tears in her eyes – and was even more overwhelmed when, with a clatter, a stack of CDs fell into her lap from the folds of the Court dress. She smiled, nodding, holding the less-formal note Ryan had sent with Lyric’s package.


I will do as well by her as I am able. Never doubt it. I look forward to seeing you as well.


This is what came out. It's not a direct Ryan thing, but it shows his character; many Kithrayna would've turfed Lyric off to foster parents, if they did a House adoption at all. The reason I don't show you Napalm in this is because it would've involved a lot more writing and dragged the focus to him: his Kithrayn has not adopted him, not acknowledged him at all. Don't think that doesn't smart, and that he won't be cornering Tessa on the matter.
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