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Home needed for Boston-area cat!

Or Boston-area home needed for cat. But non-Bostonians could come get her. I dunno.

The cat is thespian's, and here is her plea:

I've reached a point where I can't really deal with having two cats anymore, and while I've tried to find a home for Weasel in the past, now that I'm working full time at one job and part time at another, and being social two or three nights a week, she's really not doing well. She's a people-cat, and really needs someone who stays home in the evenings, or maybe works from home (I've often thought she'd be ideal for a family with children - she's incredibly gentle with young children and toddlers, and she's friendly and at ease enough that when she was younger she was a 'Visiting Cat' at a retirement home).

She has some behaviour issues that have cropped up because I spend so very little time with her, but they would be a non-issue if she had more human time (during periods when I've been working at home, they haven't been evident at all, though they might take some time to work out). Also, though she is incredibly charming to people, she doesn't do well with other cats (she has a split ear as evidence of this from a previous roommate's cat, and she has issues with Ulysses and Sian's cat, Delerium).

While I am unsure that I can find a home for her that would give her this (only cat, lots of face time with her new people), I need to give this one last try; I commit to the care of an animal for their whole life, and it's bothering me that I can't do so with this cat, but it will be better for both of us if she's somewhere else. That said, I have been looking into adoption shelters and such for her, because what she wants is not something I want to provide (she basically needs a dog-owner; she even, for the record, fetches). I would prefer to find her a place where I could visit her every once in a while, though.

So if you would like an extremely healthy, 8-year old, black and white semi-longhaired cat (up to date on shots), or if you know someone who would, I'd really like to talk to you, else she's going to need to go to a shelter soon, in the hopes they can cast a wider net than I and find the owner she's supposed to be with.
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