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Picture(s) of the Day

Cambridge River Festival, part the last!

As we entered the fesitival area, Coyote-chan squealed: "Dude! There's like a - squid - head- person - thing!"
Indeed there was, and we set off in hot pursuit, me calling: "Excuse me! Um. Mrs. Squid!" Mrs. Squid graciously consented to be photographed with the cephalopod-obsessed girls.

...I still have no idea why there was a squid lady with a mandolin.

The Charles River itself.

*points at Adam* :)
(Me, I want a huuuula hoooop...)

Drum station!

Boston Children's Museum's installation grew throughout the day; this one was geared more toward the littler kids.

Mitch Ryerson is a nationally known studio furniture artist, and has participated in the River Festival many times throughout its 28-year history. He is best known in Cambridge for his public art project in and around the city, through which dying trees are carved into public seating. Ryerson proposed reincarnating Star Wheel, a wooden sculpture powered by human movement, and is working with Cambridge high school art students to create graphics to update the piece.

*sprawl* "Need sustenance!"

My shoes. Let me show you them.

Silver Swimmers: Butoh inspired silent dance trio will “swim” through the festival crowd. Their mesmerizing slow-motion, underwater movements create an other-worldly experience that contrasts with the busy festival atmosphere and offers a sense of calm and mysterious magic.

"Okay, we are so done."

"Camera off, Mommy."


I hope people are enjoying my pictures-of-the-day. I'm enjoying them. :) I've taken more pictures over the past month than I had the first half of 2007 put together, I think. I like being able to show you little things, like my shortcut to the library, my cats sleeping. Little things that are bits of my day and my world.
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