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Happy birthday to deliasherman!

Happy early birthday to marmota, who advances a year over the weekend, and robyn_ma, who does the same next week!

Yeah. FuXX0red. Remind me to tell the Jet Blue people at checkin that I'm one of those people who's going to need a little extra time.

Link Soup
* Mythosbusters!

* Fantastic community idea for the gimpy among us: disabledcooking!

Daily Science
The crew of 1996 shuttle mission STS-75 work on the third United States Microgravity Payload (USMP-3), a project designed to investigate materials science and condensed matter physics. They use the Middleneck Glovebox Facility to carry out combustion experiments. The three combustion investigations on STS-75 were Comparative Soot Diagnostics, Forced Flow Flame Spreading Test, and Radiative Ignition and Transition to Spread Investigation.

There's video. It's shiny.

Daily BPAL

Cancer 2007: Wild lettuce, wild pear, chamomile, germanica orris, sweet pea, and mallow.

In bottle: Sweet and light.

On me: Clear, sweet pale green. Pretty!

Wolf's Heart: Grants courage under extreme conditions, helps overcome fear of death, and strengthens the fortitude of artists and businessmen, enabling them to further their goals.

In bottle: whuff. Dragon's blood.

On me: Dragon's blood, with something a bit dank and unpleasant beneath it.

Lust: Uncontrollable passion and insatiable sexual desire: red musk, patchouli, ylang ylang and myrrh.

In bottle: Mmmm, red musk.

On me: Musk and patchouli. Myrrh struggling beneath. I'm holding my breath, hoping for the to *not* turn into Dirty Hippie.

Eternal: Stephanotis, cyclamen, heliotrope, white rose and gardenia.

In bottle: Sweet, sweet florals.

On me: Gaggingly sweet florals. Yeah, can you tell this one was a frimp?

Friday memage!

Wearing: Still in PJs, but for the flight I've set out jeans and my Castle Blood: Blackthorne Hall tee.

Reading: Just finished the third Perseus Jackson & the Olympians book. Haven't started anything else yet, but I have a motley assortment for the plane:
* Empress of the World - Sara Ryan (YA book I'm hoping to pass on to Elayna)
* Crazybusy: overstretched, overbooked, and about to snap! - Edward Hallowell (I've been too busy to read this. *buries face in hands*)
* Urban Shaman - C. E. Murphy (Because I roll my eyes whenever I look at it, and I figure it's almost guaranteed to be crap, but it's plane reading)
* Galileo's gout : science in an age of endarkenment - Gerald Weissmann
Damn, I love our library.

Elayna is reading: The third Perseus Jackson book. :) She has to read The City of Ember this summer, required schoolwide reading, and two other books of her choice. Her choice? The Orphan's Tales: In the Night Garden, by catvalente. And she'll have to to a creative presentation about the summer book of her choice. I'm betting she'll choose Orphan's Tales. Hm. She could decorate nesting dolls...

Writing: Scattery bits here and there. Hopefully I'll have writing time there. I have a few non-Shayara projects that I need to jump on while I'm waiting for Miz Mouse to put the finishing touches on the website.

Planning: Well. Florida. Parents driving me crazy. Camp-wardrobe shopping for Miss Kid. Podiatrist appointment. Hair appointment. And, fortunately, hangout time with kires, enderfem + chemokitty, and felisdemens + wehappyfew. If anyone else South-Florida-local wants to hang out, drop me an e-mail! *wishes haikujaguar lived further south*

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