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Evening miscellany

* Have acquired airport ride - thanks, sunspiral!

* Packing continues apace. It is *really* hard to ride herd on a child who - understandably - Does Not Want to spend her first day out of school packing. It's also really hard for me to keep myself on task when I Do Not Want to go.

* Yes, Robyn_Ma, picture me with a suitcase, caption it "DO NOT WANT!"

* I am wearing my MedicAlert bracelet for the first time in... a while. Probably since the last time I was on a plane. I hate hate hate it. But. Should anything happen, they do need to be able to get in touch with Adam.

* Will be seeing the podiatrist on Monday. Mom and Dad have taken Monday off. Dad's contemplating taking the rest of the week off, and I am like "No, really! I can just sit here and write. And swim. Really."

* Have my boarding passes and everything, though. Have packed pretty much everything but toiletries.

* I am getting maybe 10% of my LJ comments! So if you need me, e-mail me directly - shadesong AT

* tempestteapot - the decants arrived today, yay! Thank you for the tea, too. :)

* Unreviewed, but I have utterly fallen in love with CB I Hate Perfume's "Wild Hunt", and am courting Possets' "Gibbous".

That is all for now, I think.
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