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Blogathon 2007, baby.

This is your early warning - I'll be participating in Blogathon 2007 on July 28!

This is my fifth year Blogathonning. Yay! To celebrate, we will have a Blogathon party. Any New England Blogathonners are welcome to come sweat through the painful early morning hours together... blogging with a buddy *really* helps, especially at around 7 AM when you want to spork your eyes out. And! There will be a webcam. And Surprises. :)

I usually blog for RAINN; last year I raised over $3,300 for them. :) This year, I'll be blogging for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center - not because I don't still love RAINN, but because smaller organizations need the money more.

As for incentives - whatever incentive I offer this year will be complete before the Blogathon. I'll take pictures of it, even! Last year's sponsors - the Primer is 90% done and just needs the comic bit at the end. Mouse will be getting on that as soon as she puts the finishing touches on the website. She's visiting this July, so it may well get done during the visit.

At the very last minute last year, I had a great idea - asking my author and artist friends to donate things to be auctioned for my chosen charity. Hey, this year I actually have time to implement that! So, besides putting up some Shayara stuff and whatever other writerly things I can think of, I'll be auctioning of BPAL rarities - Convergence XIII exclusives Lydia and Unheavenly City. (And maybe an imp of Crumpet Rebellion.) I don't know if it's a better idea to send me everything and have me handle all of the auctions, or have y'all run them individually with links back to and my donation page... but yes. If you have anything you can offer for the cause, it would rock my socks.

And I'll be taking one-word writing prompts again. Not here! I'll put up a separate post so I can keep everything handled.

I am excited. Blogathon's one of my favorite days of the year. :)

Um. Any questions? And who's blogging with me? slipjig, zarhooie, yunatwilight?
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