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A good day

* Got everything I needed at Target, including a flaming-red suitcase - I have to check my bag now, since I can't physically haul/lift it, and I'm sick of anxiously scanning all of the identical black suitcases.

* Old Navy was having a sale - I got Elayna four of her beloved vintagey tees for $2.97 each.

* Cashier at bookstore: "This is an unusual assortment of books."
Me: "Yep! I am unusual."
Her, holding up the Neverwhere graphic novel: "Is this for you or a friend?"
Me: "Oh, me."
Her: "I loved it. But I am, like, totally obsessed with Neil Gaiman. I have Death tattooed on my back!"
She ended up showing me the tattoo (nice, Bachalo-style Death), and we discussed how freakin' awesome Sandman is and how disappointed we were in The Eternals, and I pointed her to BPAL's Gaiman scents. *laugh* If only I'd been wearing Mama-Ji!

* Bath & Body Works is having a massive sale. Massive. So, uh, I have another gigantic bottle of that Spicy Gingerbread body wash, for the princely sum of $3. (They didn't have any of the Wicked Hot Chocolate left, or I'd've picked some up for theferrett and slipjig!) Also pumpkin body butter. And pumpkin lotion. And cucumber lotion. Mmmm.

* Came home to a beautiful scrapbook from Spooky. Just - still misty when I think about it. Spooky is an angel and a gift.

* Took the girls out for ice cream!

* Filled my new prescriptions - and only had to pay $15 each, no fight from insurance. Yay!

Now I nap.

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