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Father's Day
We had a most excellent Father's Day, with good food and a good movie and good lounging around and... yeah. Hope all of you dads and grandpas out there had a great one, too!

Same. I'm probably going to refrain from doing much posting over the next few days, because I have an appointment tomorrow with a new doctor (rheumatologist), and that always makes me edgy; I will spare you the avalanche of posts regarding my fear of not being listened to and my distrust of medical professionals.

Also consider this my weeklong flailing about how much I'm dreading this trip - being Elaynaless for the summer, but also, travel with fibro is really arduous and painful. And I'll be with my parents for a week. And cut off from my life. See, it's worse this year, because my life used to exist on the internet. Now I have an actual in-person life to be cut off from. So. Yeah. I'll be upset about that all week, but will not post about it, because if I did, I'd be flooding your friendspage every time I have a moodswing.

Link Soup
* Good article on chronic fatigue syndrome.

* 30 things for "beach writer girls" to do this summer. I'm just going to read that as "writers".

* Addictive Flash crosswords.

Daily Science
What physics was to the 20th century, biology will be to the 21st—and RNA will be a vital part of it.

Daily BPAL

Two Monsters: Oakmoss, vetiver, black musk, champaca flower, leather, patchouli, ginger, Japanese pittosporum, ambergris and white pepper.

In bottle: Vetiver, musk, and the bite of ginger.

On me: Something sweet and dark. Folds of soft leather. The ginger and pepper are subtle here. This is a leather garment infused with the scent of its wearer, held foldly by a lover in the wearer's absence. Beautiful. I need a bottle!

Czernobog: A combination of three musks, with splashes of dark myrrh, vetiver and mullein.

In bottle: Hm! Splash is the right word! The myrrh is stirred with the musk, and I get little lightning-flashes of vetiver and mullein.

On me: So much sweetness, with a nose-tickling musk behind it. ...wait. Is there fir in this? Fir's not listed, but I'm picking some up, I swear.

Gomorrah: A gritty, sordid and languid scent: ripe fig, date and currant with black herbs.

In bottle: Slightly foody, but mostly laid over by those herbs.

On me: Figs and dates, close to the skin, with that darkness over them. Sweet, but earthy.

Nephilim: Holy frankincense and hyssop in union with earthy fig, defiled by black patchouli and vetiver, with a chaotic infusion of lavender, cardamom, tamarind, rosemary, oakmoss and cypress.

In bottle: Sharp clarity of frankincense and lavender.

On me: Ah, there's the vetiver - but just a dash of it, lurking behind the lavender. And... that's it. Where's my rosemary, my wood, my cardamom?

Today's Plan
Finish Dark Cosmos, and start going through the small-business books. They're due back at the library before my return.
Get my medical records sorted for tomorrow's doctor visit.
Try to get my office clean enough so I can get to my art supplies, so I can make a few things before I go.
Nap. I really overdid it this weekend, and I have travel coming up.
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