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Writerbrain: what it feels like right now

Sometimes the story explodes out of me so fast that I can barely influence it. Sometimes... well, sometimes it's like this.

Donna's shy.

I know her story. That's the overwhelming thing - I know the entirety of her story, from her first awakening in her first life to, well, things I can't tell you yet. :) The story Donna will be telling you to lead you into the comic is ostensibly the story of the Dasaroi as a people, and of Shayara - try compressing the story of an entire race sometime, the story of a city! Can't be done. What comes out is Donna's story, everything viewed through the lens of Donna's experience. There are parts of the Fall that Donna didn't witness. There are parts of the city Donna doesn't know. And using Donna as our lens means using House Tarak as a lens - the bloodreaders, the retrocognitives. It means using the Library as a lens. It means using Donna's charge - Lara's charge, from her demigoddess, in her first life - as the keeper of memory.

So. That in mind. Close my eyes, looks at Donna, thousands of reflections of her all the way back to her first life, pushing through her Self, her experience, to get to that which she has already said: "I woke up." Knowing her worship of Tiala, knowing her life, shy strong Lara thrust beyond her depth - knowing her absolute heartbreak at the Fall - some of the Kithrayna died in the Fall,you know, but Lara lived through it and wished she hadn't...

Close my eyes, look at an entire life.

Where the hell do you start? How do you find the thread that leads you through - through this life, through the others, down the centuries to Donna ni'Tarak, steady and calm and hopeful and determined, sitting in the Library that is her charge and her home and telling you a story?

It'll come. I have flickers of it already. Just - imagine it. Imagine a person before you, a living, breathing person, and imagine trying to explain everything that makes them them, in so few pages and pictures...
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