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Dear Adam, who is sitting but inches from me as I type this:

It has been said that a sperm cell doesn't make a father. It has been said that anyone can be a father; it takes someone special to be a dad.

You came into Elayna's life when she was four. You missed all the 2 AM feedings and diaper changes. :P (You're right in time to suffer through the teenage years, though!) She liked you immediately. Took her a while to trust you, considering my ex-husband's lack of actual parenting. But when I moved her up to Atlanta at age 6 to be with you, she didn't bat an eye - she knew we had to be with you.

She was so happy at our wedding. :)

Somewhere over the past eight years, you shed the role of "friend" and became "dad". And you are the best dad she could ever have. I watch the two of you together, and I think - we are so lucky. So, so lucky that you chose us.

So happy father's day to a dad who was late to the training, but has passed with flying colors anyway. :) We love you, Adam.
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