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Happy birthday to bridgetminerva
Happy early birthday to happypete and scathedobsidian, who advance a year this weekend!

Hello to new reader 0come_find_me0!

Same. Really looking forward to the rheumatologist appointment!

Ascended yesterday! So weird to get used to having so few hitpoints. And having quests again.

Link Soup
* An illustrated history of trepanation.

* Another steampunk computer mod.

* An entire steampunk office!

* Milk meets coffee. Gorgeous photos of the instant the milk hits the coffee. It bounces!

* Fruity Oaty Bar!

Daily Science
* An international team of astronomers have conclusive new evidence that a recently discovered "dark galaxy" is, in fact, an object the size of a galaxy, made entirely of dark matter. Although the object, named VIRGOHI21, has been observed since 2000, astronomers have been slowly ruling out every alternative explanation.

* Saturn's moons Tethys and Dione are flinging great streams of particles into space, according to data from the Cassini mission to Saturn. The discovery suggests the possibility of some sort of geological activity, perhaps even volcanic, on these icy worlds.

* The Best Thought Experiments, as compiled by Wired.

Daily BPAL

Queen: For use only by women. An extremely potent passion blend, used to great effect when you're converting feminine sexual energy into power.

In bottle: Strong. *Thick*.

On me: Almost foody. There's a sweetness under the darkness. Sweet, spicy, musky. And then it goes *very* strongly powdery.

Hellfire: A scent celebrating Sir Francis Dashwood's Order of the Knights of St. Francis of Wycombe, also known as the Hellfire Club. A swirl of pipe tobacco, hot leather, ambergris, dark musk and the lingering incense smoke from their Black Mass.

In bottle: Ambergris like whoa.

On me: Oh, *there's* the leather and tobacco. With underlying sweetness. I'm not getting incense smoke, but that's a *good* thing... the sweetness fades, and this is a leather armchair and a man with a pipe. :) Must compare it side-by-side with Herr Drosselmeyer!

Black Opal: A play of geological darkness and jagged brilliance. Soft and luminescent with flashes of black fire.

In bottle: Sweet. Everything's sweet today! Vanilla.

On me: This is a soft, powdery vanilla musk that sticks close to my skin.

Black Cat: A very tricky kitty, indeed. Used most often as a key to bringing back the joy one needs to have in life in order for living to feel worthwhile. Brings back a sense of delight in simple pleasures, and creates a surge of childlike curiosity and a youthful sense of fun. This blend can also be used to reverse troublesome lesser crossings, create a playful air of catlike sexuality, and, because cats will be cats, it can also be used to throw minor, irritating or bothersome hexes, causing small amounts of chaos and disruption to your foes.

In bottle: ...smells like candy. This smells like an old-fashioned candy store, where the sugar has permeated the air.

On me: Tactile scent: Feels like slipping a spherical mint in my mouth, a ball from the ten-cent candy bin, the sugar touched by all the other tastes. The mint fades quickly, flickers back, and still - just candy, all sorts of candy. :)

Friday memeage!
Wearing: Victoria's Secret pajamas, and I haven't decided if I'm going to get dressed in the near future.

Reading: Dark Cosmos: In Search of our Universe's Missing Mass and Energy, by Dan Hooper; starting The Book of the Scald in The Orphan's Tales: Cities of Coins and Spice, by catvalente. Finished The Book of the Storm last night.

Elayna is Reading: The Misfits, by James Howe; she wants to read The Orphan's Tales: In the Night Garden next. I was reading it to her at bedtimes, but that got lost in the shuffle, and now she really wants to just sit down and devour it. :)

Planning: The Cambridge River Festival tomorrow, for as long as I can walk! Father's Day is Sunday, and Adam needs to decide what he wants to do foodwise. :P

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