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One week from tomorrow, I will be flying down to Florida with Miss Kid, to install her at her grandparents' house for the summer. We have to pack everything she wants and needs over the course of the next week.

One week from yesterday is the last day of school. We will be very actively jamming on Getting Shit Done right down to the wire.

I return from Florida late on the 28th. I'll be at sunspiral's party on the 30th, barring illness or injury.

Other than that? I might make it to Diesel on Tuesday (I have a late-afternoon rheumatologist appointment), but other than that, you probably won't see me til July, unless you're willing to schlep out here to hang out before I go. Clearly I need to be actively involved over here. As evidenced by the fact that we just had to pluck a comic book out of her "no really, I'm working on my report in here with the door closed and music on!" little hands.

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