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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to rubberella!

Hello to new readers britpoptarts, cliodhna, puffdoggydaddy, and saro_wind!

This stuff is actually not bad. Kinda stinky, but has more of an effect than the arnica gel I've been using.

If you wrote about yesterday's zombie uprising, post the links here so everyone can see what happened in your neck of the woods!

(I just wish I'd known about it earlier in the day... I'd've done more and better!)

Link Soup!
* I think this is still my favorite XKCD comic.

* Fake food for photo shoots.

* Cool art installation - it plucks images and lines of text from the 'net and renders them, fleetingly, with thousands of jets of water.

* I just want three of these so I can ctrl-alt-del people/things in real life.

* Hey, an article on polyamory that doesn't entirely suck! Could be better. But could be a *lot* worse.

* A very good article on Strikethrough '07.

Daily Science
Malaria: The Cure for AIDS? Um, no. But there's a thought process there, and it's an interesting one.

Daily BPAL

The Obscene Ones.
Idleness and unconscious, uncontrolled, perverse sexual desire.
Governed by Lilith Nocturna, the Onokentauros, Mother of Demons, First Wife of Adam.

In bottle: Sweet. Dusky. A little woodsy.

On me: It all goes away, save a light, sweet musk...

The Evil Woman.
Avarice, inertia, materialism, animal consciousness, despair and cruelty.
Governed by Na’amah, Daughter of Lamech, and thereby a Daughter of Cain. Na’amah is the Angel of Prostitution, and also one of Samael’s succubus concubines, and her name is Beauty and Pleasure.

In bottle: *wrinkles nose* Is there civet in there?

On me: Huh. I guess not. It's some deep sort of musk, though. Animal consciousness indeed. A bit ambery, too.

Robin Goodfellow: Dark musk, moss-covered wood, ragwort, heather, and sage.

In bottle: Oakmoss, with a green-plant note to it...

On me: Ooooh. This is delicious. Lickable. A well-rounded musky greenness, sage lifting it, heather lending sweetness. Almost slightly fruity. A forest in spring, and Robin Goodfellow hiding among the leaves and making sport.

Hermia: Pink pepper, golden amber, honeysuckle, and passion flower.

In bottle: Honeysuckle-sweet, with a bit of a kick.

On me: Deeply sweet - with the pepper woven inextricably through it, like a lacy red petticoat under pastel skirts. Hermia, too, is little but fierce, and this scent reminds one of that. This is a sweet spice, the less in-your-face kid sister of Bengal.

Selkie: The chill waters of the Orkney coast, tea-leaved willow, honey-touched Grass-of-Parnassus, sea aster, and Scottish Primrose.

In bottle: The sweet richness of ocean-dwelling plants, full and gorgeous.

On me: Yesterday, this gave me the bitchslap of floral hell when applied. Today, it's not. Today, it preserves the gentle marine plant scent, ropes of seaweed brushing past as you swim out. Reminds me of Yemaya without the melons. Very variable, this selkie. Quite appropriate, in fact.

Thunder Moon: This is the scent of a summer storm: thick black clouds pass over this full moon, the Goddess roars, and Her Beloved hurls his forked bolts of lightning in the distant sky. Ozone deepened by liquid amber, and a spray of hot nighttime rain mingled with the scent of lightning-struck wood, water-soaked summer blooms, and sun-scorched grass.

In bottle: Y'know how Storm Moon captured the clear, crystalline moment before the storm? Thunder Moon captures the moment after that, right before hell breaks loose. :) Smells like standing outside in a hurricane.

On me: Gorgeous dark ozone. Mmmm. Must do a side-by-side comparison between this and my beloved Storm Moon...

Hell, I'm going back to bed. The Craftsman wore me out last night...
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