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Back from the doctor! Thanks to ysabel's warning, we were aware of the little problem of the rising of the undead, but we really had to get Miss Kid to the doctor - that hacking cough worried us. :(

I plotted a route that avoided the major local cemeteries and armed the girls with lighters and cans of hairspray. I know, pretty makeshift. I wasn't really prepared. (Should've been, though. No excuse. Must order flamethrowers from Unless the UPS guy's already been turned. I don't think zombies drive well.) We saw a few zombies on the way to the doctor... zombies or people who've not had their morning coffee. Hard to tell. I think zombies move faster. Coast was totally clear around the doctor's office, though, and we got in and out with minimal fuss. They had the radio on in the office... apparently the undead were mostly congregating in Harvard Square. Jonathan Coulton concert, maybe? So there wasn't too much concern out here in the suburbs. The doctor listened to Elayna's chest, checked her for zombie bites, and prescribed a few hits of albuterol. And now we're back home. Elayna's doing her science homework, and Coyote-chan's drawing zombies... her zombies are saying "braaaaains", although none of the zombies we saw actually seemed to be seeking brains. I think organ meats are more nutritious for them anyway. But, y'know, stereotypes. Must sit down and talk to the kids about stereotyping.

Now I shall take my nap. The kids have been instructed not to answer the door, just in case it's one of the shambling undead. Be careful out there, guys!
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