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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to hughcasey and off_coloratura!

Pain continues. I'm popping ibuprofen and hoping it doesn't set off another ulcer.

Link Soup
* Hey, jenphalian! I found your Halloween costume! Now get lbitw to dress up as Mario, and zarhooie like Yoshi, and you're good to go.

* Veronica Mars: The Comic Series(?)

* A new wardrobe source for pimps. Who want to glow in the dark.

* Hebrew typeface art. Shiny!

Daily Science
Male seed beetles have spectacularly harmful penises covered in sharp spikes. These help the male's chances of fertilizing the eggs by providing an anchor, but can also pierce the female during sex, causing injury.

For seed beetles – a group of insects consisting of many species that infest beans or seeds – the battle of the sexes is not a psychological game played out in the home, it's a deadly serious evolutionary arms race, according to a new study.

Ow. Just - ow.

Daily BPAL

Burners With Fire.
Tyranny, violence, destruction, injustice, revenge.
Governed by Asmodeus, the Beautiful One, a King of Hell, Overseer of Hells Gambling Halls, and Demon of Lust and Immoral Political Power.

In bottle: Sweet and lightly fruity!

On me: Strawberry. With... apricot? Asmodeus is playing with Strawberry Shortcake dolls! And eating Pez.

The Disputers.
Pride, stress and disorder, strain, contention, conflict, futility.
Governed by Belphegor, The Lord of the Openings, who seduces men to evil through wealth through ingenuity.

In bottle: Yellow flowers.

On me: Light. Clean to the point of starchy.

The Ravens of Dispersion.
Rampant lust, self-indulgence, covetousness, lost chastity.
Governed by Ba’al, Lord of the Eastern Kingdom of Hell.

In bottle: Very light. Cedar?

On me: A nice light slightly-spicy wood. Like an old pantry long-since cleared of the spice rack.

The Poison of God.
Lies, falsehood, dishonesty, glib tongues, over-rationalization, skepticism, cynicism, denial of faith.
Governed by Adramelech, The Hypocrite, Chancellor of Hell, Master of Satan’s Wardrobe.

In bottle: Something sharp and chemical.

On me: FLORAL DOOM. Okay, not that bad, but only because it has very little throw.

Once again, I need to try to stay off my feet - after I run to the library and post office. *sigh*
Date with the Craftsman tonight!
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