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Midafternoon miscellany

* Probably not going to Diesel, due to the plantar fasciitis making the T troublesome.

* Elayna got 105% on her recent biography project! The extra 5 points were "for excellence in writing". Yep. That's my girl.

* Current kid count: 2. Unofficially-adopted daughter J. is munching on cookies and drawing me as a fox in a pretty dress while actual daughter Elayna slogs through the division of fractions.

* Looking at my summer schedule, I'm halfway booked already, between the trip to Florida, ReaderCon, and Mouse's visit! Oy.

* Stayed off my feet most of the morning/early afternoon. Did the stupid "I feel better! I can do chores!" thing. No, 'song, you feel better because you're not walking. You walk, it gets bad again. Simple cause and effect. Just as well that I'm not going out tonight - I'd end up walking way too much, even if it's only within the Diesel itself.

* I am going to go rest now. Stupid feet. Stupid ankles.
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