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Tew's Day

Hello to new reader fireheart!

Feet still bad. Back and arms pretty bad last night, too. *mope*

On that note, I need a ride to the Diesel - I cannot walk the near-mile to the bus stop like this. :( Help?

In going through my inbox, I found an unused Amazon gift certificate from morenasangre! I can't decide to get. The non-Subterranean Press books on my wishlist can always be picked up later - we have stacks and stacks of to-read books, so we're trying to keep from buying books at the moment. So it's Old Man Crow by Charles de Lint and Rude Mechanicals by Kage Baker - or I could use it toward the cherry-red Doc Martens I've been lusting after. Docs have enough room to fit my soon-to-be-acquired custom orthotics, so it's a practical purchase. Decisions! I have choice paralysis! Morena would approve of either...

Link Soup
10 Mind-Boggling Psychiatric Treatments: Nobody ever claimed a visit to the doctor was a pleasant way to pass the time. But if you’re timid about diving onto a psychiatrist’s couch or paranoid about popping pills, remember: It could be worse. Like getting-a-hole-drilled-into-your-skull worse. Or having-a-doctor-infect-you-with-malaria-to-cure-you worse. Think of it this way. After finding out what’s not going to happen to you, that couch is going to start looking a lot more comfortable.

Daily Science
FIRST GENERATION NEURO-MEMORY CHIP?: Israeli scientists have taken a crucial first step in showing that a network of neurons outside the body can be stimulated to create multiple memories that they sustain for days.
Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel have demonstrated that neurons cultured outside the brain can be imprinted with multiple rudimentary memories that persist for days without interfering with or wiping out others.

Daily BPAL
Oh noes! The Tarot and Sephiroth oils are being discontinued! I've never had an affinity with the Tarot in anyway, scent or cards, but I'd had "testing the Sephiroth" on my BPAL to-do list for about a year, and never got around to it. *sigh* I ordered an imp pack last night - then immediately turned around and ordered a few bottles unsniffed, totally blowing my PayPal balance. :( Need to pimp my sale post again. Hell, need to work on jewelry. Need to photograph the pendants I've already made.


Never got the Sephiroth imp pack but someone was selling the Qlipoth pack for -$10 lab price recently, and I grabbed *that*, so I'll test those before they go away.

The Twins of God.
Spiritual pride, arrogance, denial of the sacredness of every spirit, duality, the denial of the Great Work, the basest and most profane aspects of Nature.
In the words of Ibn Al'Arabi, this is that which resists the Self-Realizing urge to create the own-other object and insists in the sole right of pure spirit and transcendence, this being the reason for Satan's refusal to obey God's command to prostrate himself to Adam, from jealousy for the integrity of pure spirit.
Governed by Satan.</i>

In bottle: Ambery and a wee bit soapy.

On me: Totally soapy. *makes face*

The Hinderers.
Uncontrolled energy, nihilism, narcissistic illusion.
Governed by Beelzebub, Lucifer’s Chief Lieutenant, one of the Unholy Trinity.

In bottle: Light and cloying.

On me: ...floral?!?

The Concealment of God.
Ruthlessness, seclusion, matter without spirit, denial of the love of God.
Governed by Lucifuge Rofocale, Prime Minister of Hell, God of Disease and Destroyer of the Sacred.

In bottle: Ah, this one's a little darker. Little woody, too. Resinous.

On me: What is it with these scents being barely there/disappearing? There might be some vetiver way down there...

The Perimeter of Destruction.
Hypocracy, gluttony, indiffference.
This is the sphere that encompasses those who stand by idly, or turn their faces, when confronted with wickedness and corruption.
Governed by Ashtaroth, a Grand Duke of Hell, Lord of Accusers and Inquisitors.

In bottle: Aaaaghfloral!

On me: Yeah. Chemical floral.

Damn. Well, good thing I don't like any of these - I can't afford any more bottles right now!

Staying off my feet. This is a reading day. Diesel if, like I said, I can get a ride. Library later with Elayna.
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