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Happy birthday to roomette - and hopes that she returns to LJ soon...

The left heel has presented itself as the focus of the worst pain, with muscles contracting all over to stiffen the foot and ankle; I'm hobbling. *sigh* I can't be on freakin' bed rest. I can - and will - take it easier this week.

Via piperdawn, an article about how girls and women have to think, to act - the knowledge that they are never safe. I'll be talking about this more on neversilent_wp.

Link Soup
* Eccentric Genius: Unconventional Contrivances and Machina Arcana

* It’s no longer hard to remember all the different blessings there are to say before eating or drinking different kosher foods! With the push of a button, this modern marvel will say aloud the correct blessing in the original Hebrew, word-for-word, followed by an English translation.

* True stories, told in one sentence.

* Cutest little reading light!

* Veterinarians are seeking a new home for Astro, the young sea lion who crashed a walk-a-thon last week and completed one lap in the elementary school fundraiser.

* Via theferrett: The Princess Planet.

Daily Science
A new analysis of pictures taken by the exploration rover Opportunity reveals what appear to be small ponds of liquid water on the surface of Mars.

The report identifies specific spots that appear to have contained liquid water two years ago, when Opportunity was exploring a crater called Endurance. It is a highly controversial claim, as many scientists believe that liquid water cannot exist on the surface of Mars today because of the planet’s thin atmosphere.

If confirmed, the existence of such ponds would significantly boost the odds that living organisms could survive on or near the surface of Mars, says physicist Ron Levin, the report's lead author, who works in advanced image processing at the aerospace company Lockheed Martin in Arizona.

Daily BPAL

The Thunderbolt of Indra, The Hand of Brahma
The Four-Petaled Lotus.
Security, stability, courage, manifestation, survival.

Muladhara is the root of all matter, the basis of physical existence.

Through this chakra, you draw down spiritual energy and cause it to take physical form. In this chakra, the three primary psychic channels materialize.

Within Muladhara, sleeps the Coiled Snake, your spiritual potential, and here it remains, sleeping, until you arouse and it work to bring it back to Brahman.

All of your samskaras take physical form in this chakra.

In bottle: Thick. Sweet. Vetiver and myrrh?

On me: Smoke. Thick smoke, and the woods that lie beneath.
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