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Saturday Evening Miscellany

Where we are right now:
'song and Elayna: Couch. Leaning on opposite sofa-arms, legs stretched out, hers on the inside, mine on the outside. Both wearing my socks. I'm doing blog-maintenance stuff. She's reading Ozy and Millie TPBs. I have my heated moose draped across my shoulders - yes, I'm that ouchy, putting heavy heated things on myself in this weather with no air conditioning...
Adam: Dining room, snacking and reading a magazine.
Cats: Max on back of sofa, Jack on loveseat, Victoria on slipjig's son's carseat. All comfortably dozing.

I'm still exhausted. Everyone else is doing fine. I'm fine, other than body stuff. :) Grocery shopping got done today, and we had good friends over.

I need to make The Master List Of Stuff What Needs Doing, and Elayna has to get back to work on schoolstuff, and Adam has to do housestuff, but for the moment, it is just a quiet Saturday night. And that is just fine.
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