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* I am almost through this week. I can do it! Have I posted how insane this week has been? I've been on the go since, well, Monday, for huge portions of each day; for a lot of that, I have felt like I'm walking on knives. Fortunately, pseydtonne is giving me a ride to the doctor tomorrow, so I don't have to deal with public transit on top of everything else. I have a metric crapload of stuff to go to the post office, too. Next week, I have totally blocked off. I'm not running any damn errands next week if I can help it.

* We all got haircuts! I can see Adam's neck again! Elayna's hair is much healthier sans split ends! And, well, they didn't quite know what to do with mine, but at least they didn't get wildly experimental, so it'll be fine soon as I wash all the stuff out of it. One of these days, there will be a salon just for people with curly hair, staffed solely by stylists who know how to cut and style curly hair. And lo, that salon will be busy and wealthy beyond dreams of avarice. Sadly, today is not that day.

* mizarchivist helped Elayna cook dinner and she built Elayna's nightstand and new bookcase. mizarchivist freakin' rocks, seriously. In more ways than just that. I probably wouldn't be in Boston today if not for her encouragement and support.

* ...and now my mind is a blank. I'm just really overwhelmed. Piles of stuff to be done, and not a single spare moment to do any of it. Next week. I will get to next week.
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