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Note to all six people who are sending me e-mails about getting together this weekend... the reason I haven't responded is that I still have no clue as to our availability. Elayna may or may not be volunteering somewhere to get community service points. I don't yet know when or where, except that it's here in town. And I can't go through my 700+ e-mails to find each of your messages and reply, so - LJ.

Now I'm off to do another zillion things before running to pick the kid up and racing to Harvard Square!

EDIT: And... yeah. Additional note. I'm not going to have time to respond to e-mail or read LJ or do ANYTHING today or tomorrow, maybe the weekend, depends what we find out about the volunteering; PLEASE just put the pause button on any communication and know that It's Not You, It's Me.
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