Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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- I took a nap, relying upon Elayna's arrival home to wake me. Woke up... after her doctor appointment. She'd gone to the library instead. (Yes, she called, but the phone doesn't wake me.)
- She brought her best friend home. I'd normally say "No, you screwed up, so no hanging out with friends right now" - but the friend has a sprained ankle and is on crutches. I can't make this child crutch all the way home.

+ First package from my BPAL Switch Witch! A LiveJournal t-shirt. *laugh* Today of all days! But I'll still wear it proudly. Just not at school events. ;)
+ Care package from Spooky, full of spooky and piratical love. :) You spoil me, kiri...

Right, then. *rubs eyes* Shower, then coffee with a friend.
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