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Two things:

* My daughter mentioned LiveJournal around her friends - one of who piped up and said "Oh, I read LJ!"

* My interviewer at the rape crisis center has now asked if she can read my blog.


See, my LJ is very stream-of-consciousness. It's censored about as much as my mouth is. (Seriously. I have no brain-to-mouth filter.) I am not in the closet here about any damn thing.

But I do want to remain in, say, the kink closet, so far as my daughter's friends are concerned.

And I don't know how my unedited mental ramblings on lewd matters would affect my interviewer's opinion of me and my fitness for all of this.

I could create a separate, more family-friendly blog. I do have an account on Blogger.

But sooner or later, people like my daughter's friends will find me anyway. And for all I know, my interviewer's been reading me for weeks - my default e-mail address is shadesong AT gmail, and all she'd have to do is plug "shadesong" and "blog" into Google.

So what do I do? And if I decide to be less public about stuff like the kink, how do I go back and retroactively friendslock/censor bits of 10,000 journal entries?

Yeah, I really should've thought of this sooner. But Elayna was 7 when I started blogging... her friends were a long way from being web-enabled! Now they have DeviantArt accounts. *sigh*

EDIT: And I don't want to friendslock everything - I can't friend-back everyone who friends me!

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