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Happy birthday to alphafenris!

Happy early birthday to Spooky, who advances a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader rintrahroars and samhenderson!

I am feeling verra weary today. Got the full recommended exercise in, but I usually do a bit more and/or do it more vigorously; today I barely made it through, but I *did* make it through. This sleep schedule fuckery has *really* thrown my body off. :( I got to bed at a reasonable hour last night, though, so we'll hope that I get back on track.

So okay, I don't need to incorporate, I need instead a DBA and to check out legalzoom (on it!) and nolo (so poorly organized!). Have I the gist of it?

Those who have incorporated - you say it's not worth it. Why? What are the problems? What are the benefits?

Shayara: Character Snapshots
No, you can't have Napalm. You already got him. :P Basically, Mouse is redesigning/redrawing all of the characters, now that her art style has shifted a bit (and become even better!), so everyone's visually consistent. I have a *lot* of characters. So we're not providing endless pinups of cute fireball-throwing boys, we're trying to cover everyone.

Ryan, I can give you.

You see him dancing wth Kieran, you see him at the coffeehouse, in the bookstore... but I like to eavesdrop on characters when there's no one else around. When Ryan isn't having to Be Kithrayn, when he's not self-conscious. This is a boy who grew up in the outside world, remember... he will never be quite as at ease with being Kithrayn as, say, Kieran, who was born to this, raised to it, never even pondered a life without it, this burden of thousands of years, this charge over a whole House, over a sizable chunk of your race.

There are many things that Donna, Kristian, Kieran, even poor Halloran know innately, learned growing up. It's hard to teach a person things you grow up assuming everyone knows. Ryan came late to this. He has only the memories of Kithrayns who've lived before him, piggybacked on his soul, on the soul of the first Kithrayn of his House.

That, and the Library.

This room is heavily shielded. Your Library card won't get you in here - you'd never even know this room existed. It's behind several layers of security that you'd also never know existed. Like the Castle, the Library is bigger inside than out.

Ryan sits in a dark red leather chair; the leather is cracked with age, and the stuffing is escaping in small wispy tufts. Sometimes he plays with a tuft while he reads. When he's not fiddling with his hair - long, black, unbound, swept over one shoulder as he holds a small, handwritten book up to the light that filters through the single small window. He is elegant and intent. He stops toying with his hair for a moment, palm flat down on the arm of the chair, and his eyes close as he concentrates - summoning up an ancient self who can read Aramaic.

Daily Science
Speedy solar storms carrying a billion tons of charged gas through space let out a thunderous scream before they unleash satellite-stopping radiation storms that slam into Earth's magnetic field.

A team of astronomers presented this finding here today at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society, one that could give astronauts and engineers forewarning of a type of coronal mass ejection (CME) capable of showering Earth, spacecraft and space travelers with damaging radiation.

Coronal mass ejections are violent solar eruptions that carry massive amounts of electrically charged gas called plasma from the Sun's atmosphere. Once unleashed, these plasma clouds race away from the Sun at up to a million miles per hour.

Depending on the orientation of the associated magnetic fields, Earth-ward eruptions can generate magnetic storms that can flick a giant circuit breaker of sorts on Earth, causing widespread power outages.

Daily BPAL
Thank goodness the Thunder Moon shirt doesn't appeal!

The Joy of Sarasvati, The Akashic Essence
The Sixteen-Petaled Lotus.
Creativity, self-expression, communication, sound, vibration, and the wisdom to know right from wrong.

Vishuddha confers the gift of speech, and thereby the ability to determine and pursue your desires and aspirations.

The activity of this chakra also confers the ability to understand how to learn from life’s pain, suffering and hardship, and with work, grants the knowledge and strength to transform our trials into growth.

When Vishuddha is closed, we suffer from spiritual entropy. When it is open and utilized, our sorrow blossoms into wisdom.

In bottle: Resinous, yet also sharp.

On me: Yes. Amber. And lavender, lots of lavender.

Friday memage!
Wearing: Green tank top, black yoga pants.
Reading: Outsiders (short story collection) and Why Pandas Do Handstands.
Elayna is reading: Elsewhere, by Gabrielle Zevin. She'll be reading more Alice Hoffman next...
Writing: Character snapshots, backstory... lots and lots of Stuff. I need to sit down and write Undine. Maybe Monday?
Friday night: Breaking in my Feeldoe, if I'm not too tired.
Saturday: Behind-the-scenes aquarium tour, then hanging out with felisdemens and her merry band of misfits. :) slipjig and rafaela are sleeping over, yay!
Sunday: Brunch with our dear guests. Elayna has a Girl Scout thing at 3. I may get to ride a Sybian, if I'm not too tired.
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