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Image notes for Mouse...

...but I know Micah and Grey and a few more of you like to eavesdrop, as it were...

This is not a sketch. This is a moment, a snapshot, a fragment of a scene. We wanted to show Alanna? This is Alanna, a heartbeat after she gives the order. You know which one. The order to begin the Purges.

Alanna stands in the center of the room, alone in this moment, lowering the walkie-talkie. The room is the parlor of House Bartomn, and she stands before the corpses of its Kithrayn and his parents, slaughtered for their refusal to bow to her. Her black skirts are touching the blood pool ever so slightly. She does not notice it now, but she will later, soft fabric gone stiff with gore.

That is not now.

Now: Alanna, desperately grasping for the control held by Janos (behind her, impeccable in a grey suit, lowering his gun, confident but not daft enough to think that's the last time he'll use it tonight), by Jeramie (lounging against the wall, arms crossed, a smug smile only she'd notice - a smile that will vanish as soon as her words sink in). The control held by the Council, and personified by the Hounds ranged against the back wall, indistinct apart from an impression of cold, mindless danger.

My turn.

Behind her, Ryan is trying to lunge from his seat; Kristian holds him back with one arm, with words Alanna does not hear. All she hears is the echo of the gun and the white noise of the walkie-talkie, the moments between ordering Jessamyn's death and hearing the confirmation. She feels Jeramie's fury. She wonders if he'll kill her for this. She wonders if she'll be allowed to die.

(Mouse knows this, but for everyone else: Alanna is wearing an overbust corset in her House color, deep green, and black gloves that hide her arms up past the elbow. Her hair is worn long and wild, dyed black waves against the pallor of her skin, her grey Tamrani eyes large and cold, lost and broken. Hard.)

(Dear LiveJournal police: Capri is totally legal at this point, and her relationship with Kieran is 100% consensual, 'kthxbye.)

The night before the battle to depose the Council. Everyone blows off steam in their own way. Julia's off having a pint with the Kirayth. Fenris is walking in the Carnival District; he'll join them later, doing last-minute strategy with Julia til the wee hours. Ryan's dancing at Threshold.

Capri is at Need. And from my notes scribbled on the bus:

Capri, nude, dark blue silk robe puddled at her feet. Cuffed to a ceiling bar. Seen from behind, slightly to one side - in the darkened club, her slim ivory body and flaming hair stand out, practically glow. She's looking over her shoulder at a seated figure in the foreground who we only see in silhouette; Kieran stands beside her, leather-vested, flogger in hand.

Marks on Capri's body are left to the artist's discretion.

Sitting crosslegged on the floor, wearing her customary dress and oversized techy headphones that she's holding on with both hands. The headphones lead to a boombox. Beside the boombox are haphazard stacks of CDs. Look of wonder and delight on her face. She is being given words.

...who do you want to see?
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