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Midafternoon miscellany

* Hot stone massage is one of mankind's finest inventions. *happy stretch* Thank you for the Mother's Day gift, Adam and Elayna! There's a little left on the gift card, so I'm going to use it for a manicure/pedicure *if* I do all my exercise this week and next week. *nod*

* I write in my head even on the massage table.

* I need to incorporate before I can get small business checking. So I just chucked the money into a savings account for now (don't want Shayara sponsorship money mixing with family money!), and hit the library for some how-to-start-your-small-business books.

* Also returned library books, did the UPS Store dropoff, and got Father's Day cards at CVS. I'm glad today turned into a productive day - this morning was a bunch of pajama-clad moping and headspinniness. I think getting out of the house had a *lot* to do with it.

* I also think that I *really* need to be on a regular sleep schedule. Losing a chunk of my morning really throws me off. And I don't like not getting to give Adam and Elayna good-morning hugs.

* I have a super-busy weekend coming up, but it's busy in a good way - getting to hang out with beloved friends I don't see nearly enough.

* Elayna on Zeno's Paradox: "It makes my brain itchy!" Yeah, me too.
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