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From the ridiculous to the sublime

This is Day Two of the roofing project next door. They're not blocking my car in today, at least. But this is Day Two of *constant noise *right* outside my windows, office and bedroom. It's like being in an MRI machine without the claustrophobia. It is crazymaking.

Walked outside to get the mail - and came face to face with a strange man brandishing a leafblower in my driveway.

I blinked. He blinked. I said, "Um." He gestured to my car... which was covered with little nuggets and particles of black tarpaper and other roofing materials. I said, "Ah. Please. Continue." He fired away, and I walked back upstairs as calmly as I could, thinking that if my neighbor does not offer to have his grandkids wash my car, I will be very put out.

And in the mail was my order from Wearable Sculpture - the gifts I linked to the other night, and the little baubles I picked up for myself - a Mossy Pirate pendant and bracelet, for when I want my jewelry to be less Out There. And kythryne threw in matching earrings! And a shockingly purple blister-pearl pendant. Yay!

And also my first bits from the earring club. :)

All gorgeous. I am feeling utterly pampered.

And now, wearing my "hipster" brown-and-cream dress, subtle jasper-and-coral jewelry, and the appropriate money and confidence oils from BPAL, I am off to the bank to convince them that I am a Real Businesswoman and that they should give me Free Small Business Checking. *crosses fingers*
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