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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to metaphorge!

'Bout the same. I spent chunks of yesterday on the phone just trying to figure out how to get referred to the rhematologist I want (my PCP's preferred rheumy's office doesn't return phone calls and never coughed up my test results; I had to get them from my PCP (yes, I have been tested for *everything*, as fibro is pretty much a diagnosis of exclusion. It's Not Lupus. It's Never Lupus.)). Will be doing that today, too.

On the Bright Side
A lot of my phone-slaving yesterday was productive. Elayna's all set for her HPV vaccine, all three of us have hair appointments (at the chosen salon of lifecollage, mangosteen, and mizarchivist), Elayna has an allergist appointment, I got an erroneous credit card charge reversed, I have an appointment for my Mother's Day massage... my only phone-errands left = finishing off the rheumy thing and getting set up with the disability lawyer, which I was too exhausted to handle yesterday.

Massage this afternoon; will likely work out right after that, as Curves is right by the spa. This leaves the morning for writing time.

The Shayara money was successfully transferred from PayPal, so I'll get my business checking account started today, I hope; I'll stop by the bank pre-massage.

I am essentially doing... I don't know how many full-time jobs. Parenting, health management, keeping house; starting a small business; working with Mouse on the art; writing, always writing. All of these things require different parts of my brain, and I'm constantly having to switch gears. And I'm trying to get back into my spiritual practice. And. Stuff. Which is why every errand becomes a portmanteau - "on the way to this, I can do this, this, and this." No movement wasted. Ballet.

This will slow down once the comic's actually up.

This is one of Alanna's, hence the icon.

Daily Science
Today's set of image releases from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter HiRISE team included this one, of a fairly bland-looking lava plain to the northeast of Arsia Mons. Bland, that is, except for a black spot in the center. What's that black spot? It's a window onto an underground world.

Daily BPAL
Dude. Selkie, dude. catvalente, you seeing this?

I'm still not sure about Blue Moon. Thunder Moon, I have to get - Storm Moon is one of my all-time favorite LEs. I'm tempted by Cancer - might just join a decant circle for that.

As for the new GCs, I'm definitely snapping up imps of Hermia and Robin Goodfellow. Helena and Lysander are almost guaranteed to be awful on me!

The Meeting of Shiva and Shakti
The Two-Petaled Lotus: perception and command.
The mind’s eye, intuition, truth found in dreams, imagination, vision, and light.

In bottle: Slightly... foody? And I swear there's anise in here.

On me: Mmm. Sharp, but pleasant. Definitely anise. Sage, too.
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