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Midnightish miscellany

* The next Thursday Next book is freakin' awesome - but there's something in it that Fforde may have to change. He was joking, but the reality-TV show people actually went and did it. I'll clarify after the publication date.

* Evening-before-trash-day at the end of the school year is also pretty awesome. We scored a bunch of medical textbooks - and a bunch of first-edition D&D stuff.


* Anyone going to the Skinny Puppy show next week? *hopeful look*

* I napped too long this afternoon. Again. Now it's past midnight, I'm aimlessly clicking away on KoL because I'm mentally half-asleep even though I'm physically totally alert, and all three cats are curled around me like "Dude. Mom. Seriously." And I am like, "Dude. Mysticality day." And they are all like "Dude."

See? This is why I'm not writing. My brainmeats don't care if I nap - they go to sleep at 10 no matter what. My body and brain are on different sleep/wake cycles. Terribly frustrating.
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