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What it's looking like...

Do not expect to have a coherent conversation of any length with me unless it's about Shayara.

For, um, ever at least a few months, til we get the comic actually rolling.

*rubs eyes* I have small-business stuff to do, financial stuff to do; I have to work on the look and feel of the website with Mouse, House design, map of the city, dozens of character redesigns; I have writing to do, all the stuff that needs to be *in* the map, all of the Easter eggs...

And oh yeah - I kinda need to write the damn comic, too.

Been sort of hiding in the far future of my world. Need to rewind. Back to the beginning, really, because that's where Donna's starting her story.

Panel 4: She looks up. Calm, direct. “So many stories begin with ‘Once upon a time’. This one begins with 'I woke up.'”


Way back to the dawn of time, back to creation. The beginning of life. Immortality. The fullness of their powers, and how dependent they were on them. Until Tal started to change...

But Donna doesn't remember what caused the Fall, not completely. Just shreds of pain and fear, and then loss, dying and being reborn, so weakened.

And we go from there. The history of a people, from pre-humanity right up to today, in a handy comic-book format of not too many pages, all distilled so that the first-time reader will immediately grok what's going on.

Yeah. Piece of cake.

*falls over*
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