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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to the fabulous skyra! Miss you, lady...

Hello to new reader imlad!

I am cautiously optimistic. I really have to call about that rheumatologist referral, though.

I will be in Florida late this month, for a span of days somewhere between June 21 and June 29. More details as they come, but - I know I want to grab time with kires, enderfem, felisdemens...

*shakes head* I can't believe the school year's almost over...

Elayna in much better spirits this morning. Mercurial as always. Basically, she's got to spend her whole weekend working on this project. She knows this, and has vowed to not give me shit about it. We shall see.

Story of the Day
Little Gods, by Tim Pratt. This is one of my favorites by him. Go forth and enjoy. :)

Link Soup
* Need a labyrinth? You can rent one here.

* A comic store in Toronto recreated a scene from Lord of the Rings... using Muppet action figures.

* Death: The High Cost of Living to begin filming this fall? Gaiman and Del Toro? We can only hope...

* haikujaguar on the topic of online patronage, which isn't "supposed to" work but clearly does.

* For Adam: a recipe for pig candy.

* I must have this keyboard mod. Wow.

Daily Science
A big bully pummeled our sun in its infancy, fatefully altering the composition and evolution of the solar system, a new study suggests. The heavy, in this case, was a nearby, massive star. First, the massive star pounded the young sun with fierce winds. Then, the tyrant exploded, blasting the sun with shock waves that suffused it and its embryonic planets with iron.

Daily BPAL
I have the chakra imppack! So I'll be testing just one a day, and concentrating on that chakra throughout the day. This isn't a regular part of my practice, but what the hell, I have found their TAL oils quite effective.

Today's is :
The Glory of Shiva
The Thousand-Petaled Lotus.
Inspiration, consciousness, thought, understanding, transcendence, consciousness beyond reason, bliss.

Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical perfection.

Sahasrara grants us a glimpse of our greater Self, our destiny, and our real responsibilities in this lifetime.

This is the pursuit and realization of truth.

This is the quest for Samadhi.

In bottle: Sweetly resinous.

On me: Sweet, but not foody-sweet, and - is that anise? Lotus, that's part of the sweetness, and myrrh.

I doubt that I shall attain samadhi today, but I shall keep you posted.
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