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Dear parents of adult children:

About how long does this "teenager" thing last? Is it seriously right up until you send them off to college? Because I think Elayna and I will kill each other long before she hits college age, if this keeps up.

Today's highlights include her attempting to evade the grounding by hoping I was asleep and hanging out with a friend on the front steps; *not* staying after school to get help on her World Geography project like she said she would; not turning in the assignments that were due Friday or today...

While hauling her back to school to turn in the stuff she was supposed to turn in Friday that she damn well did, I actually did say "One day you will thank me for this."

For being involved.
For listening.
For giving a shit.
For helping.
For being there.

One day she is going to look around and see that her friends' moms just aren't there like this. Hopefully then she'll appreciate it.

She sure as hell doesn't today.

And one of these days I'm not going to be able to break her fall. I know - I have to let her fuck up so she knows what fucking up is. But it is going to hurt me at least as much as it hurts her. Because I love the hell out of this kid, no matter how much she frustrates me.
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