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Shayara babbling, bundled for your convenience!

* The placeholder page is up. Mouse and I will be working on the clickable map this week, which is gonna be freakin' awesome. :)

* Anyone have forum software they especially like/dislike? Yes, there will be a forum - with interactive in-character sections. Yeah. I have more ideas for Cool Shit than time to implement 'em. List-making is my friend.

* There will be logo t-shirts - thanks for the ideas, Ardie & Wednesday! Designs for now include Tyka's Coffeehouse, the Kirayth, Wicked Sisters Bookshop, and a "bouncer"/"security" shirt for Need.

* There will be Library cards. :)

* Interesting. Katy's twin only wants to be called "Thomas" when interacting with Katy; he's "Alan" with Alice. (Yes, Al & Al, it's cute - but I didn't intend for them to become a couple! I thought Alice would end up with Seth!) They have a very strong bond, these siblings, for one of them to essentially define himself, even by name-meaning, simply as the other's twin! And there's a last-name change on Adam and therefore on the twins and later-in-the-story Tessa - Walker, to more accurately fit who he's been. So. Alan Thomas Walker, Katherine Anne Walker.

* I swear, the Tamrani "royalty" family tree is lookin' like something out of Alabama. *sigh*

* Finally figured out something that had been nagging at me about Tessa. Go me!

* Katrianna has more layers... and a clearer reason for her actions in Act II.

* I really, really love it when the story is moving through me unobstructed. It's almost a trance state, and I'm often surprised at what comes out! I wonder how I scan to other people when I'm immersed, though; it must seem a bit odd.
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