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Small-town Memorial Day

So today we were sort of inadvertently in a parade.

Elayna was supposed to march with her Girl Scout troop. The meeting time of 11:30 came and went, the parade start time of noon came and went; the troopleader and two other girls showed up at about 12:15, joining the parade in progress. Fortunately, Elayna has three friends in the town's other Cadette troop, and they welcomed her into their group, let her march with them. I would so totally be switching her troops if only her current troop leader wasn't her best friend's mom...

Anyway, since we had no idea what to do/where to go and couldn't just leave Elayna with a troop that wasn't hers... we ended up in the parade. *laugh* My right leg was bothering me on the walk to the parade gathering site, to the point of shaky voice and near tears, so zarhooie got seats for the two of us in the trolley right behind the Girl Scouts, and Adam walked with Elayna.

And... parade. An hour of waving and singing patriotic songs with a bunch of strangers who welcomed the two gimp-girls onto their trolley, of watching Elayna holding up her troop's banner...

...this is the sort of stuff that never happened in Florida, in Georgia. This is the sort of thing that really reminds me that we're living in a small town - just a hair's-breadth away from the Big City, but still, a small town among other small towns (we saw Belmont's parade on the way to ours). Kiwanis and Hibernians, Girl Scouts, baton twirlers, old men playing brass and woodwind, finishing off right in front of town hall...

Adam and I really both got what we wanted, when we moved here.

And yes, Elayna had a blast. Walked 3 miles, total - 1.9 in the parade, and the rest to and from. Spent time with some of her best friends.

I think that Girl Scouts will not lose Elayna. They lose a lot of kids in middle and high school - Girl Scouts is "uncool" (that's why they started Studio 2B, which doesn't seem like it's working), and planning for stuff like this can be a tremendous pain in the ass. Elayna and I share our frustration and push through it, though, because it's worth out. We believe in Girl Scouting. Not necessarily all of the people, but we believe in the spirit of the thing.
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